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If you control practiced a Windows "No Audio Device" slip, it the majority likely process with the purpose of your sound certificate is not installed appropriately. Even though other problems can cause this slip, an improperly installed sound certificate is the the majority collective wisdom. If the audio certificate isn't appropriately connected in the motherboard or you figure out not control an audio controller connected, you will persuade this  pupuk hantu slip. Also, it is workable with the purpose of the device you are irritating to employment is not compatible to the motherboard you are using.
Troubleshooting the the majority collective slip
Here are a a small amount of steps to take to solve the the majority collective slip, an improperly installed certificate:
You will firstly need to learn your audio calculating device or controller. This controller is what did you say? Gives you the knack to adjust the sound in support of everything. From your start menu, operate to your control panel. Then,ace max operate to add hardware and search in support of the hardware manually. Don't accede to the supercomputer search in support of it robotically, as if it is improperly installed it possibly will not be seen. Then, scroll down to sound campaign and search in support of your audio controller. Check the properties of the device, and see to it that if it is installed appropriately. If it isn't installed appropriately you will see to it that a yellow highlighted question mark beside the device's choose
•    The unsurpassed way to solve this catch is to uninstall your sound certificate and drivers. You will reboot, enter the bios, disable the onboard audio, game seaport, and midi. Then thigh boot back into windows, operate to add remove programs and promote to certainly with the purpose of a few programs in support of the device was unconcerned.
Next, you be supposed to reinstall the sound certificate and drivers. It is workable driver updates control been made since the sound certificate was manufactured and released, so it is a lovely indication to visit the manufacturer's position and see to it that if in attendance are driver updates. Once you figure out this, restart the supercomputer again. The catch is (more than likely) the default device in audio properties is still the onboard, you can first-class the creative campaign and it will probably piece, but it will be better to disable the onboard all concurrently.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the sound certificate will more than likely mess your catch.
Other troubleshooting tips
If you are still experiencing difficulties, try these other troubleshooting ideas.
•    If you think your sound certificate possibly will be 'dead', ahead of selling a contemporary solitary, I would suggest borrowing solitary with the purpose of is fully functioning from a ally, if workable, and installing with the purpose of solitary to see to it that if the slip is in the certificate itself.

•    Try using a altered PCi slot, with the purpose of way windows possibly will detect it as contemporary as an alternative of irritating to reconfigure it on the slots its at this time on. This can plus help you to determine whether solitary of the slots are bad.
•    If you control an onboard sound certificate but are irritating to employment a sound certificate you bought independently, ensure the onboard solitary is disabled.
Always ensure the sound certificate you pay for is compatible with your board. If it doesn’t say on the packaging, figure out a little examine online aforementioned to the pay for.

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